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Day Trip to Half Moon Bay

The Northern California coastline is dotted with charming little towns, quaint farming communities and under-the-radar gems just waiting to be discovered.I’ve written about a few of these towns before, including Pescadero and Montara. But without question, my favorite of all the NorCal coastal towns stretching between San Francisco and Santa Cruz is Half Moon Bay.Doesn’t the name alone invoke a feeling of whimsy?

This sleepy little seaside town captured my heart from my very first visit. I’m not sure what appeals to me the most: the rugged ocean bluffs that look like they belong in Scotland rather than in California; the moody, omnipresent fog that blankets the landscape; or the rustic family farms and produce stands that dot the coastline.All I know is that Half Moon Bay fills me with a sense of peace, calm and gratitude every time I visit…which I do as often as I can!